Is it Just Me?

For some strange reason, I am having trouble with Facebook.   About half way through typing a remark, it will stop and tell me there is an error in running a script.   If I get to complete a line, it will go away when I hit enter.  If I completely stop Facebook and exit, the line will be there when I start it up again.   I thought it might be the new small notebook computer but now that I am home, it has spread to this desktop one.  Oh well, I will try loading a new explorer and see what happens next. Yes, I do have the offer to load windows 10 but not on the desk top today.

Boy may I have made a mistake.  I bought a motorized leaf rake and now Barb wants me to go get a load of composted manure at the ;local dairy to make it all mellow.  Lots and lots of work to keep that woman happy.  I guess so long as I can, I will.  

This morning it was just under 40 degrees here in the Heartland.  For a week or so, I would have to wait for the dew to burn off and now it had to warm up a little before I want to work in the yard.  If I wear enough clothes to stay warm, I will work up a sweat and then I have to come in and warm up between jobs. 

I have a camera and just can't seem to want to take pictures.  I do enjoy looking at Barbara's work and I don't seem to have near the energy to do the same with my camera.   Oh well, I guess there will be a time when I do want to take pictures not today.

How the heck do you take care of all the names and passwords you use on your computer?  Throw in a few pins for the credit cards and things just keep getting tougher as the birth days fly bye.   The desk top has a way of remembering passwords for me but then when I use the notebook I have to remember them.  Sheesh.

Oh well, better see if it has warmed up enough to get out and rake leaves and mulch the garden.


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  1. I use an app on my phone, SecureMemo, to keep all my account names and passwords. This works really great and is also passworded. The one drawback is that if you forget that password, tech support cannot recover it and I don't think there is an option to reset it. I haven't looked since I used a password that I won't forget. So far it's worked really well, except for when I forget to update it if I add a new account or change a password.