Been On The Road

For those of you that read this blogs, I apologize for being off the net for so long.   Between a trip to Oklahoma and a trip to visit my Father-in-Law, I have seen about half of October disappear.  I will try to get caught up and stay current.

The joke of the week - How do you tell who is the blind man at a nudist colony?  It isn't hard to tell?

I am or have been thinking about replacing the 04 Ford Crown Vic.  The good news is that on this trip of over 3,000 miles is that other than getting extremely dirty, it was a champ to drive and averaged over 25 MPG.  I think I will have the Shocks replaced in the front and perhaps a new set of tires.  Then I will do our threat of driving it until the wheels fall off.  

The best news is that on this trip my Father-in-Law seems to be in pretty good spirits and health.   If I make it to 92 (today is his birthday) I hope that I am still like that.  He is a WWII veteran and I know that list is getting short.   The thing I really love is that he has the ability and desire to stay in touch with the more modern technology.   He bought a new watch that has "Blue Tooth" ability but he can't use the link from his phone to talk to his hearing aid and the watch at the same time.  Our Son Dave tried to make that happen but finally had to give up on making both work. 

It was nice to have our son and his wife, Barb, along on our trip.   I hope they enjoyed seeing the family as much as we did. 

I thought it was kind of funny that Barbara's niece, her Birthday Buddy, had a White Trash Party for her 40th Birthday.  We were not invited even though we probably had been White Trailer Trash back in the day.  As we lived in Wichita we lived in an 8X38 foot trailer.  That's the length from tongue to tail lights.  The bedroom was so small that the entire bedroom was filled with the bed.  Thank god the bedroom door opened out of we would have had to have a smaller bed. 

Better get it in gear so I can catch up on the mowing.  Hopefully it will be the last time this year.


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