Monday, Monday

Was it the Mommas and Papas that sang that song?  Been a long time since I have really heard it in any form that wasn't consistent with being on an elevator.  The real brassy song has morphed into a form that it isn't really recognizable.  The other options are the Beatles, the Monkeys or Jefferson somebody.

It is somebody's Birthday today.  Not me.

It is an odd time here in Kansas.  The first real frost hasn't hit and in spite of that, the leaves are falling all over the place.  The sad part is that it hasn't finished and it isn't worth the effort to rake until it is a lot more finished. 

I can't believe that the Barbershop Chorus actually had a long drawn out discussion about postponing our practice tonight over the Royal's game.  I think we need to start and sing our butts off and then retire to a local watering hole to watch the finish of the game.  Someone said the Royals won the game in the 7th inning the other night.  WRONG!  they won it like everyone else in the last inning when the game was officially over.  Did you know I can tell you tonight's score before the game starts?  Yes, it is Zero to zero, that will last until someone scores a run.   DUH!

Yesterday I mowed Dave's yard about noon.  The weather was about as nice as it could be.  It was a little windy and made the blow back a little harsh when mowing down wind but hey, it is always fun to drive a zero turn mower.  Dave came out when I was about half done and he wanted to have me let him finish.  Shoot, why not? 

How is life treating you nowadays?   Other than a slight diminishing of my ability to work hard, I really can't complain.  Well, I can but it doesn't gain me a lot of sympathy.   I think my ability just about matches my expectations so what the hey. 

I guess I had better get on with the day and see if there isn't some mischief without a central perpetrator.  All the while I will smile and make them wonder what I have been up to.


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