Singing my Heart Out.

Last night, the Barbershop Chorus finally got around to giving me my 5 year award.  It is a lot like wetting your pants in a dark suit.  It gives you a warm feeling but no one really notices.  After a couple of weeks off and eating Idaho dust I tried to do well but I need to do some singing in the next couple of weeks to keep in better voice.  Did I  mention that I love to sing? 

BOGSAS - Bunch of Guys standing around and Singing
Yesterday we took Dave and his wife out to dinner and then over to Sam's club to do a little shopping.  When we went down the coffee aisle, we saw the giant bales of toilet paper.  He grabbed one and I wondered out loud if that was the kind I loved or hated.  I said that I hate to buy toilet paper at Sam's club because if I chose wrong, it will take the two of us six months to use up the bad stuff. (It takes us almost that long to use up the good stuff)  I am at the age that I can't remember if I like Charmin or hate it.  A lady heard what I said and said that she bought a bale of the industrial stuff and finally threw the second half of the bale away.  It is a shame she didn't have a good person on her list that just needed a toilet paper party. 

I am about an hour away from visiting my Doctor for a check up.  I know that all the talk of Xarelto on TV has him worrying about my use of it.  I have pretty much had a cast iron stomach and I love to eat an ice cream bar to coat my stomach when needed.  The problem is that my family has a record of stomach problems that are undiagnosed until well after the problem gets serious.  My mother and my son both had undiagnosed ulcers.  I will keep a good eye out.

Yesterday, Barb went out in the front of our house and there under a pile of leaves on the sidewalk was either Jake the snake or one of his offspring.  She wasn't scared as much as she was startled. He was deep in a warm pile of leaves on the side walk  and raided his head to see who was crunching the leaves.  We really don't mind having a big black snake here at our house.  We know they will keep the rodent population in check.  They have a reported ability to keep the copperheads down but if you hardly ever see a copperhead, do you know if you have a problem?  My sister lost her beloved dog to one after being bitten a bunch of times.  He finally was allergic to the anti-venom more than the venom. 

A couple of what now seems like months not weeks, we were in Wichita and were amazed at the growth there.  Somehow they seem to have channeled money their way and the expansion east is well on the way.  Part of the expansion is surely the loop around the north east and a new turnpike exit at Andover and east Kellogg.  I am pretty sure that the expansion is not due to more jobs in the food service industry.  If anyone has a clue let me know.

Oh well better get on this horse and get ready to ride out of here.


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