Dear Best Buy

The other morning, MSN, my home page here on the Web said that Best Buy may be on the way out because of the perception of lousy customer service.  I offer you this blog to encourage you to do better because: A. my son works in one of your stores and loves it and B. because I love the one stop nature of your business. I personally would hate it if every store became COSCO or Sam's Club.  You know the place with slightly cheaper prices but absolutely no customer service.  It is there on the shelf and take it or leave it.

Let me start by sharing with you that because of the free customer survey on MSN, you have the first leg up on fixing any problems the public may perceive.  I can't tell you who first said that knowing what is wrong is the first step to fixing any problem, but it is a truism that everyone should use.  Don't go out and spend thousands of dollars on finding out how to fix the problems, let me tell you a way I would fix it and give it a try.  First of all, it comes with 40 years of experience behind it and second of all it is free.  Got that? FREE.

When a person comes into Best Buy, your greeter at the door needs to say, "Welcome to Best Buy, is there anything I can help you with?"  The first impression is the most important.   If the customer has a question, have him send them to a person, by name in the department where the problem can be solved.  For example "...Can I help you? "  Customer - "Yes, I need to buy a computer"  Have him tell the customer that "Dave over there in the computer section is our expert in that area and I am sure that he has the best information to solve your computer needs."  Have him point out the computer section and if necessary have him announce over the intercom for Dave to be prepared to help a customer he is sending over to the computer department.  

Every person in Best buy needs to understand they are the customer representative for Best Buy and no person enters their area without a greeting.  I like "Welcome to best buy, how may I help you, or can I help you?"  I would give every employee an id card that says "Welcome to best buy" and their first name. 

Your managers need to understand that having your employees happy is the first step in making the customer happy.  The old saw is if you don't know what's going on in your employees life, how can you know what makes them tick?  A manager can't always fix all the problems, but they can often offer solutions that do work.  How many people in your store are working the first shift and would love to work second shift so they can go to school?  How many people are on second shift that would love to work first shift so they can spend more time with their family?   Is part time employees the best answer?  Ask them what they think.

The final part of the solution is to consider that not every solution works in every store.  For one, the store in Topeka is staffed with some of the best people in the business. You hire some of the smartest people in the business, ask them to give you their ideas and then do something.  Leaders are told in the Military to Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. 

I know my son greets every customer like they are a person and tries to fix their problems.  If he is as effective with the other customers as he is with my electronics, I know they leave your store happy.   My wife takes treats to the Geek Squad all the time and we are well known in that store.  

 Most of all, I wish you the best of luck and hope that this next year the spirit of customer service visits your stores and brings you the sales you need to prosper and grow.  

Col, (Ret) US Army


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  1. I have always had great service at Best Buy. Maybe I should go fill out a survey?!