Finally, I got that Sucker!

I think I have mentioned feeding the birds (OK about a million times).   To do that, I have found that Black Oil Sunflower seeds are the one's the birds like the best.  The problem with having bulk seeds in the computer room downstairs is the problems with other animals that like the seeds, like mice.  There has been one bold little fellow that has just strolled out in the middle of the room and dared me to catch him.  I tried the old mouse trap baited with peanut butter but he just was so small he could lick one of those traps clean and escape.  I found that Victor makes a trap that is very pressure sensitive and catches them like crazy. It has a great big paddle looking thing that trips the trap.  I put the traps perpendicular to the wall  and put just a few seeds between a pair.  Out in the garage, I put them along a "run" they use without the seeds. It seems that in the dark, mouses run along the wall using their whiskers to go straight.  They first run into the traps line and then go to mousy heaven (or hell in my book). So far this year I have trapped over 30 in the garage and one in the basement.  I hate those mice in a big way. 

Our friend, Mel, from Austin was with us one day over the Christmas break  when we were out on a walk.  Her cell phone rang and I'll be darned if she didn't get a cold call interview.  She works as a quality control person for the programmers.  She tests the programs and finds the bugs before the programs go out for release.  The company she had been working for had hired a new supervisor and they just didn't get along.  Mel was offered a new job and ran with it.  We are thrilled to see her get a chance with a new company.

I have a dilemma,  One of my renters thinks the bathroom at their house needs upgraded.  They are behind $2,100 in  rent for last year and quite frankly I had hoped they would go find somewhere else to live.  I do have plans to upgrade the bathroom in that house but how do you do it with them there?  I am very inclined to use the back rent to remodel if they make good on their promise to catch me up by march.  If they don't, I will evict them and do the upgrade as I can.  Oh well.

Barb and I went to the KU vs Texas A&M game Monday night with Dan and Carrie Craig.  During our Dinner at the Yellow Sub in Lawrence they mentioned the family trip next fall in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Right now it will cost us a little over $500 @ for a week on the beach.  I'm pretty sure that food costs will drive that up a little but as one of the cooks I really look forward to working with Keith to cook up some great seafood.  By then, there will be another new baby in the Kirkland family and we love babies. 

I am going to work on getting together with my nephew Robert and Julia to see their two year old and soon to be new daughter.  I have seen pictures but we seem to just miss them - a lot!.     I hate it when that happens.

Better run and get something accomplished.  I guess I should try to set a goal or two first.



  1. Congrats on the mice, they are smarter than we think!
    The "renter's", throw the bums out!
    Gulf Shores. A great place to kick back.
    Don't blame you for wanting to get closer to folks you enjoy. Life is too short. There is a great saying here in the south. "You are too short young, and too long old." I'm beginning to believe it!

  2. I'm gonna "amen" some of what Scooney said.

    Throw the renters out. I've had TOO MUCH EXPERIENCE with such things. Sigh...

    If they are that far behind, they will likely never catch up. Fix the bathroom after you throw them out. Now...there may be some personal reason that you do not want to evict them...and eviction can be difficult depending on the laws in Kansas...but, unless you have some personal affection for the folks, tell them to hit the bricks.

    Gulf Shores, Alabama! MUD, my family and I have spent multiple Summer vacations in Gulf Shores. There are no more beautiful beaches in these here United States. The livin' is easy...no shoes, no shirt, no problem.

    We have not been there in several years...the older boys moved on, and #4 son doesn't take well to changes in location, or routine. So, we haven't been there in a while.

    In fact, the last time we went down for a week was the year after that hurricane (Hurricane Dennis, BTW...nyuk...http://www.vastormphoto.com/dennis05pg1.htm) came through and wiped out a lot of "touristy" stuff.

    The town was a lot different...quieter, and more enjoyable in an odd sort of way.

    But, MUCH was being rebuilt, even though a lot of what Dennis destroyed probably won't be.

    You'll have a good time there. We always did...good times...good memories.