It seems like that now that we have retired, we are putting a lot of miles on the cars going places we didn't go when we both worked.  There were three years that we lived in Topeka and I was in a unit in Ottawa that was an anomaly but again we are thinking about what replacements we will need for the cars we drive. 

I have to admit that traveling in a full sized car is a lot more comfortable than some of the shoe boxes I have owned in the past.  Our 69 Chevelle was a nice car to drive on a sunny day but a beast in the snow and without bucket seats I could not sit in the front seat on the passenger side comfortably.  It also got about 13 MPG and I could have not afforded to drive it to Lawrence from Leavenworth for two years.  We bought a Vega for that purpose and that car died an utter failure three times.  Twice GM put a new motor in it and the third time I just had its rusty ass hauled to the junk yard. 

I was going to put a Vega picture here but they all are gone.

A couple of years ago Barb was reading the paper and found a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria fo about half of what a new car would cost.  It had only 14,000 miles and it is a great road car.  That car gets at least 25 MPG on the road and is a dream to drive.  What had Ford done to make my life better? Yep, they stopped making the Crown Vic.  Throw in the Mercury Marquis and both cars are gone.  I hate it when that happens.

Counting the parts cars in the yard, I have two drivers and five vehicles.  This spring I am finally going to use the tractor (a sixth vehicle I didn't include in the other count) to drag the parts cars out by the side of the road for the car breakers to haul off.  Wait, I didn't include the frame and cab off a truck down by the well.  Make that count 5 2/3rds vehicles for two drivers.   

In the back of my mind, there is one Foreign car brand that draws me back.  Volvo has always been a car that I liked.  The problem here near Topeka is that I would have to drive to Kansas City to have it worked on by a Volvo dealer.  That one fact alone just deters me from that choice.  I have put many good miles on cars wearing the Volvo brand and I probably won't do so again.  After one bad family experience, Barbara won't even entertain the discussion of Volkswagens.   

What I want is a front wheel drive car that gets at least 25 MPG on the road and will let me drive 8-12 hours and not beat me up so bad that I need help to get the bags out of the car.  I won't even address the need for a personal toilet because Barbara thinks a camper type vehicle is just not in her choices.  She would rather pay for a Motel now and then than have a camper in the yard.  I am not sure that I don't agree. (or at least comply)

Oh well, what do you think?



  1. Ha! The Vega, what a nightmare! I had two of them and replaced the engine in both due to a built in cooling problem. Rust, You bet!
    I am not a Government Motors fan.
    I drive a Honda Pilot, great ride, plenty of space, and a great highway machine. It will more than likely take an SUV to duplicate the comfort and size of the Crown Vic. Due to my age (70) I figured this will be my last new car, so I got what I wanted. I've never seen a U-Haul trailer behind a hearse, so jump on out there and get what you and the Misses like!

  2. Good Point. I worked hard to amass my fortune and should not just leave it for the kids. I did spend $12,000 for a tractor and am going to spend at least that much to build a shed to store it in.