Oh No, Mo' Sno'

When the temperatures stay near the same reading from night to day, and they tell us that Denver is getting a lot of snow, it is clear that one of those March snow storms is headed our way.  It could bring anything from an inch of rain to a foot of snow and the weather men are using their best methods to get us prepared.  I use the term SWAG, Scientific Wild Assed Guess, to describe their methods.  Predictions and computer models just cloud the issue of preparedness.  

I am going to go out here in a little while to prepare the tractor for use to drag snow off the long driveways.  I hope it gets to sit in the driveway and get a good washing but I will at least be ready either way.

I loved the quote last night from one of the announcers concerning the NCAA playoff's.  Anyone who has a bracket that isn't limping in right now is either a liar of had several made with upsets in mind.  I watched a lot of exciting Basketball games yesterday and was completely blown away by several.  KU was predicted to just murder their opponent and just won a hard game and K-State lost the game in the first half, came back to lead by one and then lose in the final seconds.  I'm sure that Georgetown is just as surprised as the rest of us. Florida Gulf Coast came to play and beat the Hoyas like a kettle drum.  Now, the Women are going to start play and even more strange ball bounces will be on hand.  My teams are KU for the men and Baylor for the women.  

Better get started on the outside work.


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