Round Ball and It's Bounces

Yesterday was a day filled with Basketball action and I watched a lot of good games.  As much as I loved to see the hawks do well, I think my favorite game was the K-State and Baylor game.   I think a game that between two evenly matched teams that is decided in the last moment is fun to watch.  Anyone that saw that winning basket had to have their pulse rate up some.  I think that K-State has a good claim to share the BIG XII title this year.  

A couple of days ago I went out to put fresh water in the bird water bowl. For some reason my back just locked up and it has been a pain since then. The bowl is one of those heated dog bowls and the birds seem to flock to it when there is little other water out there.  The Robins love the unheated water bowl when it gets to about 40 degrees and is way more cold than I would want.  I am waiting for it to get up to about 45 and the ice to melt off the connections on the DirecTv cables.  I can see a big glob of ice and as the temps fall, I lose my connection.  The good news is that the TV upstairs isn't the least bit a problem.  It must have to do with the dual connections for the DVR.  This paragraph brought to you via my ADD.  The only reason the dyslexia didn't show is the spell checker.

A while back, a niece of mine was struggling with the fact that her dog was getting old and wasn't doing well.  I am facing that dilemma with Taco our black lab.  He is obviously growing a tumor under his right front leg and soon won't be able to get around.  It is something I need to take care of but like Jenn, I don't want to.  Oh well, it is something I need to do this week.

Our Grand Niece, Amy, was in town a week or so back and it sure was fun to get to see everyone.  I do wish she had been able to bring her boys with her, but I do understand.  She was here for work and they would have just made things way too complicated.  I can't wait until June when they get to meet Bob & Julia's girls.  I may not be able to stand all the smiles I will have.  

Thought for the day.  If Congress developed the Sequestration bill, why does the President blame it on the Republicans?  How in God's Green Earth does anyone think that we can fix what's wrong with our economy with more taxes?  The spending is out of control and we need to spend a lot less.  The slippery slope is paved with spending that hasn't fixed our problems.  It must be time for everyone to step up and do with less.  Didn't you notice that on 1 Jan, we all got hit with a 2% rate increase in the Social Security withholding?  Isn't it fair that the Government does a 2% spending cut and we all move on?  Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the Way!


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