In Like a Lion?

The old saying is that "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."  Who ever said that did not live in Kansas.  February and March are the months where the warm fronts and the cold fronts collide over the plains and cover us up deep with snow.  After that, the collision of those fronts are often the harbinger of tornadoes.  We still have six to eight inches of that lion droppings lyin' all over the place. 

In the paper today, there was an article that said the Government (Specifically the democratic party) is saying that the cuts from the Sequester will just cripple us.  In fact, the cuts are only 2% and that is about what the Government took away from us when they returned the Social Security withholding back to the 7%.  If we can adjust to that cut, why can't they?  Instead of a Leader that is really working on our behalf, we have a President and a party that want to campaign against the very thing they asked for.  All through my time in the service the cry was sent, "Lead Follow or get the hell out of the way!"  I am pretty comfortable that Mitt would have just rolled up his sleeves and found a way to make it all work not gone out on a quasi campaign trail and told us stories of how bad it will be.  I think that Jimmy Carter's grandson worked hard to get Obama elected to make sure that Jimmy is bypassed as the worst President we have ever had.  There were som pretty miserable one's out there.

Has anyone noticed that a simple basketball player is in North Korea and talking with Kim Jong-un. I think that Dennis Rodman is one of the best basketball players I have ever watched and it should shame the State Department that they don't have a way to reach out and hold a simple discussion.  Hell, if Dennis and three Harlem Globetrotters can go there and share a drink, imagine what it would be like if we loaded up a whole NBA game and went there to play.  I'll bet that Obama could sit right next to Kim and have a great discussion.  After the game that picnic table discussion over a beer would be fun to hear.  For those that think it could not work, I offer the words, "Do what you did and you will get what you Got!"  If that is just too scary, how about a game in Hawaii and both leaders come half way.  make it a benefit game and give the proceeds to North Korea.  Couldn't hurt.

There is a light snow falling outside and while it probably won't add much depth, but we can sure use the moisture.  Even if it does make me want to run away and go to Disney Land.  Oh well.



  1. For worst President ever, I vote for Lyndon B Johnson. Just how far did he sink to become President? Who had J F Kennedy assinated to benefit their own political carrier? We may never know. Ofcourse Jimmy Carter was second.

  2. LBJ was the politician that started the cradle to the grave crap that has us throwing $ down the rat holes. They were JFK's idea but LBJ got them through the congress. He also threw about a half a million soldiers at Vietnam when a few bombs in North Vietnam would have solved most of the problems.