Hacked or Spammed?

It seems that because I have had so many hits, that the Hackers or I guess the better term Spammers are sending me comments that just promote their products.  I do my best to eliminate them but I don't go here much more than once a day so it is possible that they last a day or two.  Just a warning - Don't click on the links as many of this type have ways of bringing a virus into your machine that bypass your security software.

This morning, there was a news article that Ashley Judd has withdrawn from the race to unseat a Senator in an adjoining State.  I guess the face that she didn't live there wasn't enough.  People that elect their politicians as a popularity stunt deserve what they get.  The polls all said that the congress of the United States had a single digit approval rating before the last election.  Then, over 90% of them get re-elected (Of those running last year)  

This morning on Facebook there was a picture of a farmer on a tractor and the story included quite a few of my favorite thoughts on life.  One of the best was - If you find yourself in a hole, quit diggin'.   Seems like such a simple thing but it never ceases to amaze me how few people understand.  At what level of national debt will someone wake up and shout, "Oh Shit!" and the congress of the United States Stop digging that grave for our economy?   I saw in the news today that since 2008, the Government Food Stamp program has doubled.  So much for spending our way to a recovery.  

Today it is going to get to about 60 here in the Heartland.  I have high hopes of getting out and jes doing something.  Not sure of the details but I will do something.  


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