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This is probably what most of you think my Posts are about anyway.  My ADD gets in the way of completing and editing what I write so I might have a tendency to have more bounces than a ping-pong ball. 

Strap yourself in and "Here Goes:"     Other than the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) I see little reason for the Supreme Court to even look at this subject.  It is a States issue and should be settled at that level.  The laws of our land should not be like an amusement park ride and change on a dime.  By that same token, if a marriage is legal in one state, it should be recognized by another state like is is for all marriages.  I have said all along that if everyone would just agree that it should be a Civil Union and leave the word marriage out of it it would pass overnight.  Once it is done, you can call it peanut butter if you wish. 

I wrote on Facebook that Michigan, Kansas and Florida all had two teams in the Sweet 16.  I failed to look at the fine print on the bottom right of my bracket and see that Miami is also in there.  I think I am so used to seeing Miami (OH) I just didn't read the fine print.  For the record, Florida, Miami and Florida Gulf Coast are all still playing.  This round will pit Florida and FGCU so the number will be at least down to two by Sunday.  I am also watching the Miami heat play at a level way higher than their competition. 

Is anyone else tired of having our laws change like they were a popularity contest?  I don't give a rats hind end what the people are thinking right now, we are in a Government that elects people to make our laws.  What my State does is what it does and what your State does is your problem.  I think a Government that doesn't change on a dime is what the founders of our country wanted.   I think all of us have seen the poster that said, "Oh no, they did exactly what I wanted."  A lot of times changes that are rushed wind up being victim of the Rule of Unintended Consequences.  Just because one person on death row is exonerated doesn't make them all innocent.  By the same token, just because you are Paranoid doesn't mean no one is out to get you.  Making equal opportunity marriage the law of the land won't eliminate the fact that they will probably have as many divorces as everyone else.  The winners in those matters are the Lawyers.

The Vice President takes a trip out of the United States and promises 200 million to a country that hates us and the President does the same.  I think there was a Beatles song that went, "Can't Buy Me Love."  I find it especially tough when I remember that we had to go in debt 80 million to give that 400 million away.  Just call me a naysayer on the Buy now and pay later Foreign Policy plan.  

Just who is in charge in Washington?   We are cutting the defense Budget and yet we allow the Department of Home Land Defense  spend millions to are themselves.  I'll bet there are a lot of used Hummers out there and a big surplus of M-16's.   I would just transfer volunteer soldiers into the Homeland Security force and guard our borders.  There is enough paranoia about what the UN has in store for us.

Going back to my first thought today, (See, I told you I would bounce around)  The problem in solving problems  of a local nature at the National level is that very seldom are the problems the same.  I fully agree that Chicago has way too many murders and the same goes for Detroit.  Hell, I think that Topeka has too many deaths by gunfire but don't apply the solutions from your city to my city.   I don't live there for a reason and what I do to defend my home is what I do and not any business of yours.  


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