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As you have noticed, I have been on vacation for a week.  We celebrated our 45 Wedding Anniversary by taking a trip to California.  We took our Son, Dave, his wife, Barbara, and her best friend, Melissa, with us to celebrate and have a good time.  

The kids made a side trip to Vegas to see Barbara's dad, Larry, and her bonus Mom Sandy.  Barbara and I stayed with her sister, Shirley while the kids were on the road.  It was great to catch up on life in California and discuss some legal matters.  Perhaps some day I will discuss the matter in full but not today.

We made a day trip to the Channel Islands off Ventura Beach and  it was really nice to see a part of the world there that is not overrun with people.  The National Park Service has worked hard to take the island of Santa Rosa back to its original state.  You have to pack everything with you if you want too eat and they highly encourage you to take your trash out.  There are overnight campgrounds but no rooms to stay in.  They don't even have a shower set up.  The toilets are outhouses.  They claim to have water but I didn't see one of the faucets.

The crowning part of our trip was Disneyland.  Had I to do it over again I would have tried to get there a little earlier on Thursday and see both the California Adventure as well as a trip to the park on Friday.  Did I mention that the National Cheerleader Competition was in the Convention Center just down the street from our Motel?  There was also some kind of Band Camp nearby and it was spring break in California.  By 1 PM, Disneyland was awash with giggles and gaggles of girls.  Next time We will try to go on a Wednesday during the school year.

There are Mickey Mouse ears of every kind.  As you can see above, Dave found a set that is the top or R2D2 from Star Wars.  I think Barbara settled for a pair that was sparkly and golden.  I am pretty sure that the kids want to go back to Disneyland.   I am not sure how soon I would want to go back but "Someday."  

While in California, we rented a car from Thrifty.  It was one of the best parts of the trip including check out and in. at the John Wayne Airport.  We had a clean, problem free car for the trip at a reasonable price. 

I am sure that I am going to have to return to my diet before my Appointment with the VA for an annual physical.  The good news is that they delayed me until April from next Tuesday.

One nice thing for me was that Frontier Airlines carried the KU game on the TV for the flight home.  It was only the second half but to me that is the important part of the game.   It was great to see KU manhandle their way through the tournament.  We are the most pleased with the improved play of Perry Ellis.  He and Kevin Young  are a duo that we love to watch.  Today will be the bracket announcements and we are excited to see who plays where and who they play.

Oh well, better get a few things done her.


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