Freedom and Government

Somewhere, there needs to be a big discussion of what it is the Government gives us and what it takes away from us.  I would rather live in a society that has Government rather than one without rules laws and order.  It is just how big do we need our Government to be to protect our rights before it is in fact the limit to our freedom?  Just how big can we afford to grow the Government before it starts to eat the fruit of our tree of Freedom.

Today in the store I saw a young Hispanic lady with four kids in and around her basket.  She bought a small amount of tortillas, some beans and a small package of hamburger.  When I got to the checkout counter, they were ahead of me in the line.  She paid for the food with a "Vision" card.  On one side I wanted to be mad that those darned non English speaking people for getting Support from the Government.  The other side of me wanted to slip her some money to make sure that those cute kids had a full belly.  Just how much of my excess does the Government need to make sure of that for me.  Let me make sure that I have everything I need, most of what I want and Wal*Mart nearby.   

Does anyone worry that the more we borrow and Tax the less there is to spend on investment?  I would hope that all the aspiring students out there look at the History of the world and see that extreme reform is more costly than any benefit. Don't look past the USSR to see that a Government where everyone works for and is the Government doesn't work in the long run. I am proud that we haven't been a part of two World Wars to capture one new inch of land or oil for ourselves.  We have tried to plant the seeds of Democracy and help the defeated Governments grow into a stable Government.  For me, I still kind of cringe when I see the label "Made in Vietnam" on shoes but my Dad would have never driven a "Jap Car." I guess that apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree.

I will be a little busy for the next week or so because of the NCAA Tournament.  For me, it really starts at 12:30 today (Central Time) when Wichita State plays their first game.  It will all end in a couple of weeks when hopefully KU will cut down the nets after the final.  If they fall short, I will proudly still claim to be a Jay Hawk.  

MUD - Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk

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