Snow and Roundball

Many years in the past, I didn't have to plow the driveways to get in and out.  This year, now that I have a tractor, I have had to fire up the tractor and plow the drives three times.  Granted, this last time with only 9 inches I might have made it out with out the plow but why take the chance.   It takes me more time to drive to Dave's and then the rental house than it takes me to actually plow the drives.   I can attest to the fact that idiots that drive big old pickups think they can go much faster than the speed limits on those snowy days than they should.  I know they can not stop as quick as I can on the tractor or in my front wheel car.  I know I drive much more safely than they do. There was a guy killed on the turnpike about three miles from my house, with two new tires on the front of his truck and almost bald tires on the back, he slid into a concrete ditch.  Thank god his daughter wasn't hurt.

I just love how the basketball has bounced this year and love that so many brackets have been been broken.  Florida Gulf Coast has been only eligible for NCAA post season tournaments for two years.  Now they are in the sweet 16.   How about Michigan, Florida and Kansas all having two teams in the sweet 16.  Texas had none in the tournament.  I wonder if it is kind of a karma thing that Roy has been beaten three times by KU since leaving Kansas?   

Typical march weather we are having here in the Heartland.  While we were in California a couple of weeks ago, it was warmer here than there.  This weekend we had 30 degree weather and 9 inches of snow.  By Friday it will be in the mid 60's.  Oh well, life, round ball and taxes go on.

I am really trying to figure out the US Government.  They seem to be doing their best to confuse us and not really be solving problems.  I read that the department of Homeland Security has bought armored vehicles, lots of weapons and ammunition and I see we are cutting the Defense budget.  Doesn't it make sense to bring our Military home and to use them to defend our borders?  I know there is a lot of problems using the Active Military to police our citizens but I don't see how drug smugglers count in that fight.  

One of my biggest concerns is that people in Washington seem to go out of their way to find controversial things to stand against rather than roll up their sleeves and figure out the best way to do their job.  For example, how can banning guns here in the Heartland do anything to stop the crime in Chicago or Detroit?  If Chicago needs to close some schools there because of people leaving the cold windy city, how can that be the problem for the rest of the USA?  Unless they have good health reasons for wanting the Army Engineers to come in and blow the place down when the last person leaves, I say leave Detroit to their own problems.

Does anyone know where the FEMA trailers are right now?  I vote that we send them to North Dakota to house workers during their Oil boom.  I listened to a program that said that apartments are renting for $2,000 a month up there because they have so many new jobs.  Isn't our Government getting taxes from all those new oil jobs?  I'll bet we could pay for those trailers in one season.  I did pass the empty Government trailer park on the north side of Joplin the other day.  Seems like they are about recovered and I wish them well.

Better go see if I can get out and do what my Daddy always said, "Get outside and blow the stink off."


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