Are You Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired?

OK People, listen up.  For most of you, the odds are that you have it darned good and you need to find a way to "Get Over it!"  For those that have the President you voted for, "Get Over it!   People say, but Dennis, you don't know how bad it is.  Well, let me share with you some of the reasons I think you are wrong!

In 1965, I graduated from High School in a time when the United States was as divided as it could be.  The Vietnam War had us burning flags and burning our Draft Cards.  Employment in Wichita was on the decline and you had to either work damned hard to earn a living or live in your parent's basement.  I started school that fall but never applied for a Student Deferment.  Guess who got drafted the next year and who's ass went to Vietnam?   I worked darned hard to complete Officer's Candidate School and went to Vietnam as a 20 year old 2nd Lieutenant.  My Job?  Damn straight Skippy, I was a forward Observer for a lot of my tour.  War has a funny way of expecting you to do a good job or getting killed.  Yes, I feel sorry when there is a power outage and you can't charge your I-Phone.

When I came home in 1969, there was a full fledged recession going on and I went back to school.  I hustled groceries to earn enough to live and go to school.  Barb did the same and we lived in an 8X38 foot Trailer.  We didn't care where we lived as long as we were able to complete our goals of having a degree for us both and no student Loans to pay off.  Do that and tell me about it.  I tried to work construction the next summer but there was no jobs to be had as no one was building anything.  Even my job of bagging groceries was gone as I was displaced by a laid off engineer from Boeing.  I took a job sorting metals for a salvage and earned every penny I was paid. 

My point in all of this is don't even go there and try to tell me I don't understand how hard it is for you.  I went through tough times and worked our plan.   I had a smile on my face a lot as I was absolutely confident that with the love of my wife there was nothing we couldn't do.  Now that I am nearing the far side of my life, I have everything I need, most of what I want and a Wal*Mart nearby.

For those of you that don't support Wal*Mart, don't shop there.   The beauty of America is that the smile on my face is mine and you had almost nothing to do with it being there.  If you want to cry about how bad it is, "Get Over It!"   


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  1. Barb asked who I thought was so mad. First, the anti gun lobby vs. the NRA bunch. The Right wing anti abortion crowd vs. Women's Rights group. The ultra conservative vs. the liberals. The Republicans vs. the Democrats. The Tax and spend crowd vs.the fiscal conservatives. The people that feel the government has the responsibility for their life from cradle to grave vs. those that are strongly independent. Those that feel there is a freedom of religion vs. those that feel there is a freedom from religion. Etc, etc, etc...