Bike Ridin'

I know that I have shared with you many times that one way I try to get and stay in shape is to ride my bike.  We decided to leave them home on our trip out west this time and spent the better part of three weeks not riding them.  When we got home, I got involved in renting our small house and  just never got around to it.  This week we have ridden twice and man has it ever kicked my butt.

Biking in Lawrence

I just lost my bike legs and it was not because of inactivity.  I know that in Yellowstone we walked about 12,000 steps each day.  On our overnight stops, coming and going, Barb and I would find the nearest "Big Box" store and walk around inside.  Working on the rental had me on my feet all day and if you haven't climbed up and down a ladder several times, you don't know what sore knees are. (Hey, I am mid 60's)

During the first ride back,  I found that the gears shift  just wasn't quite right.  I took it to the bike shop and he adjusted it and it is a little better but not by much.  Guess I will just have to do some reading on line to get it right.  I do find that I ride mostly in the middle ring and between three and five on the rear gears.  That equates to 8 to 15 MPH for the most part. 

Oh well, better go do something.


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