Takin' Sunday Off

Dave and I spent quite a bit of time working on putting a new 16' garage door on the rental garage this week and we are taking a well deserved day off today.   I will grill some pork chops and chicken a little later on and then perhaps take in a movie. 

Grill Master at Rabbit Run

The other day someone mentioned that one of my favorite BBQ joints almost closed.  I mentioned that the rib tip special was right up there as on of my favorites.  Dave said that his favorite joint was right her at Rabbit Run.  I guess the marinade and hickory smoke is pretty darned good.  I seldom use any BBQ sauce on my meats as they are so tasty by themselves. 

I found it interesting that readership came right back up once I started to post about Yellowstone.  It is interesting that there are few comments but hey, if it happens, it happens.   In case I didn't mention it, a lot of the great pictures were taken by Barbara.  She has the eye for beauty and the lens to reach out there and make it happen. 

One of the things we kind of planned for this year was to clean up the outside area of Rabbit Run.  I hauled off a lot of old truck parts last year and drug the parts car up out of the woods last month.  Jezebel and the parts car are  headed to Kansas City to see if there is enough to make one running car.   Jezebel left last week and the parts car will go today.  Scott the new owner works for the Ford Assembly plant so he does know what side of the car should be on top.  (Shiny side up, rubber side down)

It looks like the small rental house will rent this month and it will be nice to have a new tenant.  The applicants are very interesting and from a fairly diverse group of people.  We will get the last applicant tomorrow afternoon and then begin to screen the applications.  It was kind of funny to me that one of the earlier applicants came back and said that her daughter and her boyfriend aren't married and he's black.  She wanted to know if that was a problem?  I see the color of money from the tenants not the color of their skin.  Few legal problems and a stable work history is good enough for me.

Well, Da Barb Sr. is up so I'd better move on and see about the grill work.  I hope you all are having a great weekend. 


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