Day 5, Yellowstone Trip - Boat Ride?

How our guide picked out a boat ride is a touch that the average person doesn't do in Yellowstone.  I thin the possible number of boat rides vs the number of people that go to Yellowstone make it less than 1% get the opportunity.  With that said, there we were headed out to see a lake that reminded me of Lake Tahoe.  Cold, deep and one of the largest lakes at that altitude.  The big deal was made about the "Lake trout" that has been introduced and is eating the cutthroat trout.  In fact the Park service has a commercial fishery on the lake killing the lake Trout.  They encourage you to catch all you can eat but to take all you catch. 

Lake Yellowstone Boat dock. 

At one time the best way to get to the Lake Yellowstone Lodge was to go there by boat.  We were told a story of one of the boat owners and his party boat.  I guess Teddy Roosevelt had him banned from the park and his boat was burned by a couple of Park Rangers.

Ribs from a former tour boat

This is the skeleton of one of the first boats on the lake.  The Ranger on our boat trip said that it was alleged that a couple of Ranger set fire.  Our Tour guide told us that they actually went to trial over the fire.  I guess it is all in who tells the tale.

Lake Yellowstone Lodge

This is the Lake Lodge taken from our boat trip.  It is fairly plain on the outside but very opulent inside.  In fact one room there is $600 a night.  We were in an annex next to the lodge but it was pretty nice.  We found the computer room and went up to connect.  Again it was the Global Gossip at about 4% an hour.  As we were in the computer room a Japanese woman came in was carrying her cell phone(s).  She said where can she use them.  "Not very many places in Yellowstone."  She wanted to know where she could use the Internet.  "Right there but it is about $5 an hour"  She said that she paid 600 for one night in her room and could not even use the Internet free?  "Yep'er Toyota."  
Boat Bar

Inside the store at Lake Yellowstone is a Bar made out of a boat.  The back of the bar is the front of the boat and the bar is made of the back of the boat.  It was for sale at a fairly high price.

Owl Light

 This is the Owl light in the store and one of the many details worth seeing.

Did I promise you animals?   Oh well, there is always tomorrow.


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