Why is it so Complicated?

I am not the smartest guy in town, but from where I stand here in the Heartland it doesn't seem that the problems are beyond fixing.  I am pretty sure that because the Congress is divided into two groups that can't even talk together, they will never get closer to a solution.  I don't think we need to throw them all out but at least half should not be re-elected and then I am sure the message would get through.

I am not a strict Constitutionalist, as I realize that it was written in a simpler time and to help us set boundaries and limitations for problems that don't exist today.  With that said, I am not one to throw the bathwater out with the baby and start completely over.   I think we need to have a review of the constitution and not one lawyer or elected politician would I let attend. 

I often wonder why the President and the Congress of the United States think we have this role as the World's policeman.  If a country wants to change their form of Government, why do we owe it to them to resist change?  Where does the need to spend money we don't have start?  We are running out of money to fight forest fires right here at home and someone thinks we need to do a demonstration bombing in Syria? 

I am fairly sure that one lone voice out here in the Heartland won't get heard in Washington, D.C. but we have to start somewhere. 


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