I am going to start a campaign on Facebook that carries a message not just other  people's funny pictures.

For Example - Where have we gone wrong with our young people that they no longer feel that a good education and hard work will improve their lot in life?  That worked for me and today on face the Nation Colin Powell said it worked for him.

Why does everyone say that no one needs an ID to vote?   You have to have an ID to cash a check, get medical care and most of the things we do in life. The new Medical Care Bill is based on everyone carrying a Medical care ID card and no one is up in arms about that.  If having the right people represent us is so important, why do we not have the highest standards in voting? 

When our Military members no longer have to carry an ID and have Dog tags and be in the DNA data base, I will change my mind about voter ID.

If it is racist to look for white crime on blacks, it is racist to look for black crime on whites.

Why do our leaders think we have to go and send Egypt and Syria money when Detroit is a sucking wound on the face of our country?  Didn't Saudi Arabia say they would make up any cuts in spending we make?  They can afford it so let them foot the bill for a while.

How can so many well educated people in Washington D.C. not understand that the President should make a budget, congress needs to approve it?  To me it shows that the people there don't understand their jobs.  In My world, spending needs to be limited to income.

How can over 90% of the Congress get re-elected when their approval rating is at 14%?

I have a dream that everyone will one day wake up and live the best life they can. 


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