Pow Wow at Lake Shawnee

The Labor Day weekend here in Topeka is full of places to go and see.  This weekend the Pow Wow at lake Shawnee is full of things to see.  They all march out on the field with a Color Guard and in full costume.  It is a stirring sight to see the native Americans in their full costumes as they salute the flag we all love.   From there, they have contests of many types as the contestants try to perform as well as they can and in the manner of their ancestors.   There is a lot of other entertainment and generally that includes a car show.  Did I mention the food?  Fry bread Tacos, BBQ meats and all sorts of sugary treats will be available. 

Color Guard

Drummer for dancing
Future Rock Chalk Dancer

It has been one hot week this week.  On our trip out west, the temps were cool and we didn't wear shorts many days.  On the last weekend in July near Denver, it go to cool that we went inside to conduct the sing along.  It was hard to sing when your teeth chattered.  The weather man (a professional liar) has promised that today is the last day of triple digit temperatures for the year.  They are saying mid 80's for Monday. 

Barb and I are having to reconsider our requirements as we rent our little house.  There was a time when even the upper lower class maintained a job for a few years.  Having the same job for more than 2 years has been in the minority.  There is no shortage of single parents out there also.  I'm sorry, but if you have shared custody of three kids, you can't rent my two bedroom house.  Ditto to being on welfare and probation. During our Open House last week, a lady stopped in and asked if we would rent to her daughter who has a black significant other.  After 31 years in the Military, do you thing the color of anything but money talks to me? 

Yesterday the great Fast Food Strike hit a Pizza Hut in Topeka.  The manager had to go tell the employees to get out of the parking lot and back on the sidewalks.  In the Movie, Jerry McGuire, the buzz word was "Show Me the Money."   Ok people if your Big Mac costs $10.00 will you continue to buy them or will you drive down the street to Sonic or Burger King where they are cheaper?   You like the rest of the world will continue to vote with your feet.  Why don't I eat at the Burger Palace where the food is fit for a king?  Because four burgers two fries and two drinks were $51.00.   Last weekend I bought enough steak to overfeed 4 for that same amount.  We had a meal and "Planned Overs".  That is where you know you will have enough left overs to cook another meal or two.  Heck by the time I threw in some grilled chicken, there was enough for Dave and I both to have enough food to cook a couple of extra meals.    If there are no longer fast food jobs for the first time workers because the people that are unemployed are now willing to work at McDonalds for $15.00 an hour, where will the new kids work?  Hell, most of us know that the extra money will go to the Government as fines for not having Health insurance or to pay for mandatory health insurance. Poked in the eye by the big bad government again.

Oh well, on with the day.



  1. I got out of the rental business for 2 reasons, maintenance problems and the influx of worthless, non-paying renters. You are now starting to experience the same things. It won't get any better with today's freeloaders, welfare, and drug using, single parent renters.

  2. I thought Rick was your last tenant?