A few things I don't like

DOG, DOG, DOG Dam it!
I just think posts on Facebook that ask you what do you see or some stupid question like, "Name an animal without an A in it's name."   Cow stupid, move on and get over it.  Damn, now I have pig, dog, lion and tiger on my mind and here I was all set for a good rant.....The cute little dog above is Grissy and one of my favorite dogs.

I hate it when people don't understand our basic form of Government that we have.  Our Government system is a Republic where we elect people to go represent us and do not re-elect them if they don't.  After a couple of hundred years, what will a few time I disagree with them do to our system?  Besides piss me off, that is.  OK, 16 or 17 Trillion dollars on the National Debt is a little hard for most people to understand.  For a typical person, that is the same as you owing 5 or 6 times what you make in a year. Top that off by realizing you have to add each year to your credit card about 1/3 of what you make.  That's just wrong no matter how you explain it.

The other day, a news crew went out and asked people which did they like the best, "Obama Care" or the "Affordable Health Care Bill?"  Made me want to shout at the TV that they are the same thing.  It is no wonder that we are being led to hell in a hand basket when people on the street don't pay attention to even the most basic things. 

I have about had it with people posting things on YouTube and letting stupid things happen.   The least you could do is to inform the person that their stupidity will be displayed for the whole world to see if they don't stop.  Don't you know that there is no such thing as anonymity by being in a crowd anymore?  Stupid is as stupid does and it is often posted for the whole world to see. 

The other day a waitress felt like it was her job to correct Barbara when she ordered "beeroaks."  She said they are beer rocks to someone who has eaten probably a thousand or so of them in her lifetime and learned the pronunciation from a German lady that taught us how to make them.  What the hell difference does it make what they call them.  Throw some hamburger, cabbage, salt and pepper into a roll and see if you can just eat one.  I will eat at least one or more today and perhaps a schnitzel. 

Speaking of things to do, this morning Barb gave me a cookie for breakfast.  I think she knows that we will probably eat lunch at the German fest today and supper will be steaks on the grill so she is giving me something lite.  Crap, spell checker thinks lite and light are the same.  I told her that a cookie is a "Schmoe Girl" breakfast.  The women in her family know what that means.

Oh well, moving right along and getting ready to face the cool weather of fall today.


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