I Wonder?

How many Blog Posts it will take to get a comment. 

How can the People in Washington D.C. not understand that if we do what we did, we will just get what we got.  If we don't change, the slippery slope will bite us in the butt.

How many deaths will it take at 62nd street North and US 75 before the Highway department find a way to get people to stop at the stop signs.  Cars driving 70 MPH just tear the hell out of the driver's door.

There are three girls that bullied another girl until she committed suicide.  What could those parents have been doing to raise children that care so little.  The Chief of Police showed one post on Facebook where one of them said she didn't give a damn that it happened.  Who do you punish?  The child of 14 should know better but the parents are responsible in there somewhere.  Perhaps hit the parents in the wallet.  The girls need to go to a juvenile center where they can't Facebook until they are 18.

If we get Alzheimer's, how do we know?  Will we care. 

How many of my Blogging friends will stop before I also stop?  If I do, how do I remove the back posts? 

Oh well,

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