Living Life as Best as I Can

Yesterday was my son's 38th Birthday.  Holy Crap, that means I must be old.  Just so you will know, it really doesn't sink in until I think back to how long it has been since some remarkable date.  Barb will celebrate her 50th High School graduation next year.  One year later I will be celebrating mine.  In a couple of years, I will have 50 years since I first wore an Army Uniform and a year after that from my commissioning date.  I guess my sign should be the bunch of Old Farts I see wearing Vietnam Veteran Hats. 

Last week we went down to Seminole Oklahoma and stopped in to see my cousin Robin and her husband Greg in Cleveland, Oklahoma.  It was pretty clear to me that they too have figured out that there are many ways to be happy in life.  We were fortunate to have both of their children there to visit at the same time we were there.  We even got to meet their granddaughter Ellie.  It is a shame that she is so shy. I guess Robin and Greg have both retired now and they both look are as happy as I feel.

Barb and I have almost everything we need and most of what we want.  We worked hard and saved money to get here but we are pretty darned happy with the way things have turned out. 

Another piece of good news is that Dave has completed his A+ Certification.  With his customer service experience and his time on the geek squad, he hopes to wrangle a new job soon.  He has great skills and now all it will take is for someone to meet him and see what he is worth. 

It has been kind of cool the last couple of days but I hope it will warm up some today and I get a chance to go cut down some trees where the new building will be  Last week we laid out the 24 X 30 pad and it is enormous.  I will also need to cut down the trees about 4 foot around the perimeter.  Oh well, perhaps I can use some of the wood to heat the building when it gets built.  I will only heat it when it is going to snow and I will need to use the tractor to push snow.   I don't want it to become a home for the pack rats.  They can just live out in the brush piles. 

Pushing Snow

I guess I'd better get moving and get some work done or it will get dark and I'll be wondering what happened to my day.



  1. Wait until the next milestone, that is when your youngest kid turns 50. We have 4 0f those and it really makes you feel old.

  2. Age is just mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.