The barbershop chorus gave me the Bass CD of the songs they are singing this year and I have been singing along as I sit at my computer.  If there is a strange word now and then, my cross wired mind had been known to throw in a word from the CD as I write.  I have to stop and re-read what I post to sort out the extraneous words.

This week has been one where our summer trip through Yellowstone has been brought to mind.  There is a book by CJ Box called the Highway and it takes place in and around Yellowstone.  I just finished reading it and it made me smile when I read about the places we had been.  Yesterday the Smithsonian Channel had a special about Yellowstone and it flew us around the park and made stops at most of the main attractions.  From Mammoth in the north end of the park to Lake Yellowstone and then out to the eastern side where the large herds of buffalo roam.  Fun stuff.  Then there was a show about dangerous animals and Lo and behold there was the Bison there as one of the most dangerous on the American Continent.  They showed a short clip where in Yellowstone a guy with a camera got way too close and the buffalo attacked him and threw him up in a tree.  Not so fun stuff.

Mammoth Hot Springs  in North Yellowstone

Barb and the Geysers

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The following Paragraph is a political rant so beware - There is no winner in the current Government shutdown.  The Republicans need to move on and see if they can influence the shape of the future spending.  The Affordable Health Care Act issue is  going to implode all by its self when people see how much more it will cost and that it provides insurance to a lot of people that don't have to pay anything.  The Democrats need to come to the reality that there is not a pot of money they can just dip in forever.  I guess we could just continue to spend until the world pulls their support and then we will have to cut spending.   I am not going to vote for any politician that is an incumbent.  NRA Never Re-elect Anyone.

Nuff said


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