Do What I Say, Not What I Do!

I see a document on the Internet that is proposing a change to the way our congress is treated.  It is full of a lot of common sense ideas so it will never get past the congress.  Here is the Dennis Petty solution - for what it is worth.

I would not let anyone from the congress live in Washington D.C. unless it is in a barracks at a nearby Army Base.  They would be housed like the soldiers and not be treated like anything more than the elected people they are. They would eat in a mess hall like the rest of the service members.  I would provide a bus to and from their housing to the Capital but not allow anything that looks like a limousine to transport them.  The Congress would have to own a home in their home district and go there at least monthly and during breaks.

Yes, I would pay them but only because if we don't, they would fall under the evil influence of people that would pay them for their vote.  I would not allow lobbyist within a mile of the Capital.  This applies especially to anyone that has served there. 

As representing us should count as a form of Federal Service, I would let members of Congress in to the current Retirement System and only for the time they serve. Retirees could buy their time and within one year any past retirement plan would expire. That basically tells them they need to put their retirement money into a fund that only pays them for time served not a lifetime for one term. 

Why does any law have exemptions?  What's good enough for one is good enough for all.  I don't give a rat's rear end if Nebraska has to join the Affordable Health Care like the rest of us.  Lets see what the President thinks about having to pay for his medical insurance based on his salary.

All Laws must contain a sunset provision.  They must also have a provision that the spending is within the current budget.  Unless there is a war, no spending beyond the income.  Does anyone really think the four Trillion dollars spent saved us?  I didn't think so.  What is the extra Trillion spent this year for? 

 Today's paper had an editorial that said the author is fed up with the people that didn't vote complaining about the current problems in congress.  For the next election, I propose that every voter must get up off their butts and using their Obama Care card and  Picture ID go vote.  Everyone has the right to vote and in my opinion failure to do so would have consequences. 

Does somebody need a change?


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