RIP Young Man

The other day I was at the VA and met a good friend, SGM (Ret) Reveles.  He said his son was there and not doing so well.  I read this morning that he passed away at the age of 55.  It is always a shame for a man to pass away so young. 

Many years ago, we had a program in the State Defense Building where young people could come work and get paid by the State.  It was designed to give them work experience and give them a few things they could put on their resume.  One of the first people we had in the program was a beautiful young woman that was very smart and did a fine job.  Later on I found out that she married SGM(Ret) Reveles's son.  A few years later I read that she was riding on the back of a motor cycle and was struck and killed on a highway over by Fort Riley.  It was a shame that a beautiful person like that did not get to stick around to enjoy life longer.

I didn't set out to make this a downer blog.  Life here at Rabbit Run has been pretty much fun and we are enjoying things.  I heard that it will probably rain tonight so I'll go out and spread the rest of the Moo Doo on the new garden area.  Barbara would like it to have an overwinter so it will be worked in the soil by the snow and freezes.  I don't know if I will get it all covered with fresh grass clippings but at least 1/3 of it is. 

Yesterday I saw a few memorable quotes.  The first was the "Etch a Sketch" people that must just wipe their mental slates clean each night and not carry over the worries from the day before.  Rush would call these people the Low Information Voters.  On the side of be careful what you ask for, those food service workers that were asking for their minimum wage to be doubled, might just find their hours cut in half so they won't be considered full time workers under the new Health care bill. But you can bet your butt they will have to have a picture ID to get coverage. 

One thing I did think our health care System needed updated with was the provision that people with previous health care problems can now get insurance.  I don't understand why there wasn't just a provision for them that put all Health Care Providers in a pool and share the risk.  I would understand if that increases my premiums a few dollars.  I do not understand the provision for children to keep their parents insurance until they are 27.  Perhaps if they are students but that is the only way for me to want that.

Oh well, better go spread some manure in another format.


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