Fall has Fell

Rabbit Run Fall Colors

This morning I went out to fetch the paper and the fall colors right up by the house were just so pretty that I went back in and got my camera.  This a picture of the hickory trees in the front yard.  They are in an area that was filled in after the house was built and they have slightly smaller leaves and show fall color the earliest.  This is just a taste of what most of my trees are starting to look like.

This morning the President gave his victory speech and said there are three things that the congress needs to get done.  First he feels that a  more balanced budget is needed even if he did fudge history a little.  He said the deficit was the lowest in 50 years.   He has forgotten the Clinton years when the congress passed a balanced budget and other than the interest there was no deficit.  But, with that said, we do need to understand that the sequestration move is coming and if we don't take small bites out now it will force out hand.

The second thing the President said that we need immigration reform.  He has the strange notion that the non citizens will pay fines to become citizens.  Hell, we can't control them now, what does he think it will cost to do that.  Until the border patrol can come into our communities and vet all the employees of a business, there I no hope that we will ever get a handle on the illegals except to have them vote.

The final thing he said we need is a farm bill to make sure that our food supplies can be sustained.  I really don't care what the poor folks get out of the bill as long as the farmers can produce a product and make a living.  Our local dairy is about to get their doors shut because it costs about $8.00 a gallon to produce milk and the Governments continues to give it away. 

Oh well, another crisis averted until later.    More on that later. 


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