Winter's Coming

The other evening we noticed that it was getting darker a lot earlier.  The sad part is they haven't even dropped Daylight Savings yet and it will drop back an hour soon.  The nights are getting chillier and there is still a lot of work we would lie to get finished outside.  With that said, the good news is that we will do what we can and move on. 

I am thinking about going to the rental place and renting a concrete saw.   I used my small grinder to try to cut along one of the seams in the driveway and burned that little sucker up.  (Or down, depending how you want to call it)  I need to replace the sections of the drive up near the house sometime.  I have toyed with the idea that if I use pavers water could percolate down through into the drain tiles.  On the other hand do I want that to happen? 

We got some really nice news today.  My niece, Rebecca Dean Petty (Brewer, Demauro) is going to graduate in December.   Her advisor said she will be Summa Cum Laude and that alone is wonderful but the graduation ain't bad.  I graduated with a degree that said, "Good Enough" and that was all I wanted.  I did pledge a fraternity called "Tappa Kega Day" but they didn't accept me and told me to go over to "I Felta Thigh" to see if I met their lower standards.  I saw a sign on their wall that said they wouldn't want to belong to a fraternity that would have someone like them as a member.   The only bad part of the graduation is that it is scheduled on December 21st and the weather is always "Iffy" that time of the year.  We'll see.

We made a trip to Oklahoma this week and got to be the first guest on my brother's new bed.  Actually, I think it was technically his old bed in a new room but who counts.  He had a water line break on his toilet and the resulting flood just ate up the old bed stead and his floor.  Don't let anyone tell you that a laminate floor will stand up to about anything.  A lot of them will just curl up and die if you get them flooded.  Besides, the new carpet is much warmer on the tootsies than the time and the laminate.  The tile floor made it through the mess but the laminate just didn't.

Oh well, I have managed to goof off enough and need to get out and do something even if it is wrong.


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