Singing Again

I sang almost all through school and loved it.  I am again singing with the Barbershop chorus here in Topeka and back to my real Bass voice.  My sponsor from last time COL (Ret) Wayne Cline invited me back and I have found that things are much better now.  The only bad thing here in Topeka is that we are all old and don't seem to attract young voices into our group.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to work on that.  One thing that is a slight bother is that the cost to start isn't real cheap.  Perhaps that is an area that we can work on.  The dues run less than $15 a month but last night it cost me about $150 to renew my membership and pay the dues for the rest of the year.  There was a new pair of patent leather shoes but you never know when I will need to wear my Tux again. 

One thing that I probably won't do is rush into a quartet this time.  The last time we just never developed a sound that I found pleasing and our Lead singer couldn't keep on pitch even when he did.  I will join with three others for the Valentines day serenades but not to compete.  It is fun to go sing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and deliver flowers and candy to women all over Topeka.  It is also a good moneymaker for the Chorus.

The mornings are starting off pretty cool but the afternoons and early evenings are just about as nice as you would want here in the heartland.  Got a nice little rain last night and we can use some more before it really starts to frost and freeze.  Barb has most of her plants in the solarium that need to be protected over the winter.  I noticed this morning that she has taken down the Hummingbird feeders and put them in the dish washer.  I guess it is about time to get some corn and deer feed.  The woodpeckers will also hit the suet blocks hard so I'll pick up a case or two of the suet blocks. 

I have a storage building on contract but they won't get it started until December.  It is basically a pole barn with a metal shed and a 10X10 door for the tractor.  I will also try to move some of the tractor toys in out of the weather and if it fits, the 57 Chevy.  It would be nice to park the Ford inside this winter.  It does a good job of starting and isn't hard to warm up but scraping ice is a royal pain when it is really cold. 

Yesterday, our son said that his furnace is acting up again.  I guess after nursing the unit for four years it is just time to replace it.  I think the AC unit will probably need replaced too.  It has been an annual repair job to keep it running.  We'll see what the estimate says.  Oh well, it is only money

Better run and see if I can get a few things done.


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