65 Degrees in february?

After a couple of those Arctic Swirls that brought us zero degrees and snow up to rear end deep on a tall Indian, it is finally going to thaw out for a couple of days.  So much so, the concrete guy is coming tomorrow to do a pour the floor in the new steel building.  Can't wait to see it in all it's glory.

At the barbershop chorus practice last night, it seemed like the entire group just started on pitch and went flat all night.  There is one song that only two of the Basses can hit the low notes and they went so flat that I was the only one that could hit the bottom note.   Not bragging, only the facts, Mam.  I think everyone has just a touch of something and many of the guys stayed home because the couldn't talk let alone sing.  I practiced early in the day and then took a nap. 

What would you do if you all of a sudden started having balance problems?  Last night I dropped a sheet of music and when I picked it up I simply went ass hole over teakettle and the only thing that saved me is that the risers have a railing on the back side.   Oh well, another disaster survived.  I think it is related to my hearing damage and I don't have any high hopes that it will get better as I get older. 

During our Valentines singing, I had a lady write down the name and address of one of the ladies we were going to sing to.  As I posted the pictures and sent pictures of the ladies and the quartet, I couldn't find a picture of one lady.  Last night that mystery was solved when I was reminded that Ann was home sick that day so we didn't sing to her.  Duh Dennis.  I had such a good plan and it all fell apart on that one person near the front of the list.  Oh well.


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