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Just for the record, there is a program on the Comedy Channel called "The Daily Show."   It is not a source of information without commentary but a collection of odd events that becomes satire.  It is not intended to be a fair and balanced medium, just funny commentary on what the Star thinks is funny.  OK, I think that Kansas deserves to be the butt of some of the jokes this week.  Someone decided that parents need the right to spank their children.  "Ten whacks with your palm up to the point of bruising."  I think to help this measure go away the right of schools to impose the same punishment was thrown in.  Instead of killing the matter, it floated to the top of the legislative pile this week.  (Like the proverbial turd in the punch bowl) 

There is also legislation in both Kansas and Arizona that will make it legal for businessmen to reserve the right to not serve people based on religion or  sexual orientation.  Can we be far from making the old race card fit in that deck.  Surely the Legislators have been watching that for 50 years we have been fighting discrimination?  I for one will make sure that I for one will do my best to never shop or pray in any place that makes any group, second class citizens.   While I think the Catholic church moved in the right direction with the selection of this pope, they should be on the way of becoming taxed for their discrimination against women being priests.  Don't even get me started on the subject of paying 720 million to settle claims for sexual exploitation against women and children.  If any organizations did that, the leadership would go to jail and they would be shut down.  I am pretty sure that they can't prove that their "Religious Freedom" could be included in that conduct.

I am reminded that a few years back, the infamous Westboro Church bought a new truck and tried to exempt it from property taxes as belonging to the church.  Rightfully the County assessor told them that they use the truck to haul the picket signs from corner to corner and that is political not religious. When the prohibition crosses the free speech line, all political groups and churches should be scrutinized. 

Let me ensure to you that I for one realize that there is a fine line between free speech and stupid speech.  The problem is that a lot of people want the government to step in and prohibit stupid speech.  That slippery slope is one that I don't want to go down.  Especially when the congress is guilty of making stupid decisions in the past.  I am sure that the government would love to shut down this kind of blog. 
Well, I had better get going and finish putting fill around the base of my new building.  It is probably going to turn colder and rain Tuesday.  The fill I am using will turn into concrete if left out in the rain.  As fill that's a good thing.  Out in a pile in the front yard is not.  Barb told me that hills od concrete are not in her landscape plan.


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