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Last night the Capital City Chorus sang the national anthem for both the men's and women's Basketball game at Washburn's Lee Arena.  Great crowd and good games.  It is always fun to see a different mix of singers and how well they do.  The National Anthem for the first game we sang without a Tenor and it sounded pretty darned good.  The second game we had a tenor and the audience seemed to be almost more pleased if that is possible. 

I finally drug home about 8:20 and Barb said the last two concrete finishers had just left.  I don't know why but the concrete just took an extra 4 hours to finally get done.   Looks pretty good this morning but I have no idea what it really will look like in the end.  I wonder if the Cement Plant did add the Calcium Chloride to help it set up, or not.  It was a damp and cool evening but with the extra CC it should have gone off faster not 4 hours slower.  Who knows?

Today I am going to meet my Niece Amy and several family members at Free State Brewery in Lawrence.  She brought he son with her and he's such a cute guy.  I may try to sneak in a visit to Wal*Mart and see if they have a truck or tractor as a gift.  Even better, perhaps they will have a book about trucks and tractors. 

Last night between games, the subject of Churches, Discrimination and the pending legislation to allow churches to not marry gays or Lesbians.  I think Churches should be allowed to discriminate if they will give up their Tax Exempt status.  I told the guys that this kind of law opens the door to allow discrimination of my black friends next.  I for one don't want to go back 50 years for any reason.  The quickest way for the Catholic church to realize that we mean business is to have them pay taxes on the 720 million they paid to settle claims for sexual abuse.  I wonder why the Cardinal in California didn't go to jail for hindering the prosecution of priests in this case.  I would round them all up and put them in a work farm for years and see how that trend dies there.  If the church would let women be priests and let priests marry, this kind of nonsense would go away. 

Yesterday as the concrete was trying to dry, I talked to a couple of the Mexican workers about their desires and what they really want.  They said that in Mexico they would be lucky to be paid $10 a day let alone an hour.  They almost all are sending money to their families back home.  Most of them want to go home at the end of their working life.  They just hope they have enough money saved to live long and well.  The one guy that has a girlfriend here said that he was not sure he would get married to gain citizenship. Even if it was a dual citizenship.  What they want is a return to the days where they could get a green card to work here and someday go home.  They want to be legally here.  They all recognize that it is difficult to get across the border if they go home for a visit and their normal annual visits just aren't happening.   On the issue of stronger borders, they said that the people here would stop using drugs, there would be a lot less crossings of the border to just import drugs.  It is those drug mules that give the entire population a bad name.  It has been my pleasure to spend time with many different "Brown Brothers" and share ideas with them.  Those haters that say bad things against them should have to do the menial jobs they do for the poor wages they get. 

Oh well, as you can tell, I was on a roll yesterday and just wish I had a small pad and pencil to write down all the things everyone said.  It was like a comedy mixed with a tragedy and a little romance thrown in.  After all, guys will be boys when it comes to the matter of girls.


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