Rockin' the Place

On Thursday, I put probably about 40 tons of screenings in the new building as back fill.  I didn't want to put too much rock in side so there is about 16 ton of rock still in the pile outside.  I love to drive my tractor with a front loader and I did most of the moving in about 2 1/2 hours.  Now all I need is a door and a floor. 

The next project is to decide what kind of shelving and interior items top put in the shed.  At least one or two will be lockers with a lock.  I think I will put most of my electric tools there.  I think most of my automotive tools will be in the garage.  

Does anyone else feel that the Superbowl is just irrelevant?  I know that a lot of advertisers just are using the event to hype their product.  I really like the Budweiser Ads but their product - Not so much.  This morning on TV there was a group of former players in New Jersey serving drinks and singing gospel music.   It was about 7 AM and way too early for  Bloody Mary's.  Oh well.

I guess I'd better run and catch up tomorrow.


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