Pourin' Concrete

Yesterday the Concrete guy said they would be here this morning and pour the floor.  I had about half of the fill inside the building and he said they would make it level and pour it by noon.  At 11:30 the biggest part of the crew went on to another job and left two guys here to put the finishing touches on the floor.  They say they will leave by 4 PM.  

I wish you could have been here to see that crew work.   They hustled their butts off and even had to wait for the concrete truck to get here.  I have enough fill to put around the building and fill the ruts from the concrete truck.  10 Yards inside of the truck puts a lot of weight on the ground and the ground was just between frozen and a mud bog. 

This afternoon the Barbershop Chorus will go to Lee Arena and sing the National Anthem for the women's and then the Men's Basketball games.   I love to sing with the guys and we'll have a lot of fun.  I'll even try to get the camera set up and film the event.

One funny thing about the crew was this one guy that spoke very little English asked only two questions.  When he saw the 53 pickup he said "How Much?"  When he saw the 57 Chevy he repeated that question. 

One of these days, I am going to get Dave over to help me with a couple of computer questions.  This operating system just has me confused.  I am pretty sure he can dummy down his answers and I'll finally figure out how to do a couple of things I cannot do right now. 

Thanks to Iowa State who knocked off Texas last night.   That leaves us a couple of games up on Texas in the Conference Title hunt.  We'll get to see how well they do on our court on Saturday.  I am completely amazed at the change in the referees this season.  They started calling ticky tack fouls at the start and I have seen teams body slam Joel Imbid in two different games with no call made.  Barb hates those close games and those are the one's I like to watch the most.  Watching KU beat up on TCU didn't thrill me but the Texas Tech game went right down to the wire and I loved it. 

Oh well, better get cracking.


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