Law of Unintended Consequences

In a lot of cases, it is not the change in the laws enacted by the congress of the US and Kansas that upsets me.  It is what happens after the laws are changed that no one (with a health dose of "but me") saw coming.   The thing that upsets me the most is that while the Kansas House and the Senate are trying to do social engineering by changing the law, their main job is on the back burner and they will probably again go into overtime to get their main business done.  They will again ask us to pay them more of a wage as they spent their time doing what my Grandma Bessie would call "Piddling around."  (I call it social engineering but Bessie was right)

I think Nebraska has the right idea.  To keep this from happening, they have a Unicameral system that is just one body in their State congress and it only meets every two years.  They don't have time to do much else but the main business of the budget and major legislation.  At least their Laws of Unintended Consequences (LUC) doesn't get them on the National news as the least progressive State.  OK, Fred Phelps has been doing that for years.

I was reminded the other day by a couple of the Mexican workers pouring concrete for my new building that California and at least one State in the east banned undocumented workers and found their crops rotting in the field because there was no one to pick them.  We are spending millions on stopping drugs from crossing the southern border when the real problem is the demand for drugs here in America.  We could increase our employment by a million people if we spent only 5% more one American made products.  Our businesses will respond if we increase demand.  I for one don't think our government is capable of fixing what is just a straight forward problem.

Every time I hear that another country is falling apart, I see that our Government wants to send millions of dollars to help them.  What are we to our Government?  Detroit could use a little hand up to keep their infrastructure from falling in.  I don't think there isn't a city in the US that couldn't use a few more dollars to make our schools safer.    How about our State Department telling the oil rich Arab nations that they need to step up and help.  In my humble opinion, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan don't have one thing that is worth spilling the blood of even one US serviceman or woman.  Back in the day, had we spent the money we wasted on the Vietnam war, we could have helped the entire country be a great place then instead of the 50 years it has taken them to join the early 19th century. That war cost us 50,00 lives to direct combat losses and an addition al 50,000 to indirect losses of life. 

So, in closing, I ask you to think about the next time you want to post one of those here is the only way to fix our problems think about the Unintended Consequences of what you ask.  But, turning our focus entirely inside the US borders could will create those dreaded words,  "I am from the Government and I'm here to help you."


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