Singing Valentines

On Friday I drove one of the quartets as they sang Valentines songs to women all over Topeka.  The gave the ladies a box of chocolates and a rose.  What a great day.  I knew Barbara would be at the Lawn and Garden show so I had them drop in and sing to her.

The Love of my Life and Young at Heart Quartet
Just finished watching Kansas dismantle TCU.  They moved the ball, scored at will, played a little defense and looked like they were having fun.   I even saw Perry Ellis Smile after setting a new career record by shooting a 3 point basket.  Instead of going for a 100 point game, Bill put the walk- on players into the game.  It was a fun game to watch. 

Last week I said that WSU could probably beat KU or K-State.  Now I am not sure who is the best.  I saw a KU team that was energize and having fun.  One thing I don't want to do is to wish WSU any ill will.  They are a great team and made up of the kind of young men that any coach would love to have.

Sometime next week I hope to have a floor poured in the building.  It looks pretty good right now but needs that solid floor.  I guess I also need to start working on a plan for storage and work benches.

The other day, my sister called me about her taxes.  She admitted that she will (like me) have to pay this year.  I will have my taxes done here in a couple of weeks but I will not mail them in until the last day I can without penalty.  In fact, I haven't even loaded the Turbo Tax information yet.

Better run and get something done.


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