Is Basketball Season Over Yet?

Last weekend I saw that all three Major Basketball teams won.  Unfortunately, K-State carried that over to Tuesday night and beat KU.  This weekend K-State lost to Baylor in Overtime and KU and WSU both won.  We are getting down to the end of the season and will soon have the conference Tournaments.  The Missouri Valley Tournament in St Louis looks like a fun trip some where out in the future. (I love the name- Arch Madness)  For now, I will just stay home and watch the BIGXII when it happens. 

I sure wish I had some insight on who was going to win or lose.  If I really did, I would go buy Lottery Tickets.  (or not if I was sure no one could win)    To me, Basketball is a game played by a bunch of kids and I do my best to enjoy the ride.   I am sure there are a bunch of OSU fans that didn't see their melt down happening with Smart having a bad meeting engagement with a fan.  There are a lot of people that saw WSU in the final 4 but 27-0 this near to the end of the season?   Who saw KU playing more like a team with Imbid on the bench?   Not me...

I played driver to one of the quartets when they delivered singing valentines all over town last Friday.  It was a blast to meet so many nice people and see how appreciative they were.  Next time I will do a better job of getting the names, e-mail and pictures all lined up.  There is only a couple of pictures I don't have sent today.  I am hoping that the Scheduler will have some of the missing information tonight. 

I am convinced that everyone that has an opinion is at least partially wrong.  If anyone thinks the "War on Terror" fixed all of our problems, they need to stop and think.  The congress throwing Trillions on the stimulus was just as wrong.  Just when the rest of the USA was coming to terms with the question of equal right for all people, the Kansas House tries to run an end around as set us back at least 50 years.  If you can discriminate against the gays and Lesbians, how about the Jews and blacks?  Are they next?   How about the Catholic Church telling women they can be Priests?   Should they be applauded of have their tax exempt status revoked? 

A couple of years ago, I asked the question - What if we find out that only Saddam Hussein or the Taliban are the only people ruthless enough to make the country of Iraq work?   I further asked how many countries have taken a punch at the Tar Baby we call Afghanistan?   Didn't England, the USSR and now the USA all find this place to be less fun than a fart in a space suit?  

If you can't tell, I have a lot more questions than answers.  In fact I feel like I have been stirring the pot with a motor boat paddle because I don't have a paddle for this boat.  I'll write more later when I have more answers - or Not!


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