Body Image

This morning on TV one of the spokeswomen for Dove soap spoke about their campaign to get more people to accept their body image.  Their question was, "When was the last time you smiled at yourself in a mirror?"   Well, I guess if when I first walk into the bathroom I didn't first see my dad looking back, I might be more likely to smile.  It is not the fact I see so much of my dad, but the fact that my mental image of me is much younger.

Just how young do you feel?  I am damned glad to be alive at any age, but if there was just some way to physically look like I feel it would just make my day.  About a month ago I shaved my chin whiskers off and Barbara said it made me look 10 years younger.  If I would break down and go with her to her hair dresser, I could look another 10 years younger.  Lets see, I now spend about $12.00 a month for a hair cut vs. the $75.00 (+Tip) just how much younger and at what cost do I want?  I think a smile just subtracts years from my age.  Hanging around with the nieces and nephews also helps.

The other day, on of the TV shows showed what Photoshop could do to make their stars look younger.  Heck, I know that Barbara can make anyone be anyplace and doing anything with Photoshop.  It is clear that we should no longer believe anything we see or read.  I am still blown away that many people believe that if it is on the Internet it is fact.  They watch CNN and Fox news and thing they are getting the straight facts.  Time and time again a lead in of a few facts cause people to sit there and listen to opinions about the shoulda, coulda, woulda.   In the good old days we got the straight who, what, when, where and on occasion the why.  With the reliance on the number of viewers watching at any given time it is no wonder that a lot of hype is put out there as fact.

This weekend, one of those February (soon to be March) winter storms will blow in here and start with rain, followed by sleet and then snow.  The only good thing is there will be some darned good basketball games on TV.  I think WSU has one more conference game then they start the "Arch Madness"  That's the Missouri Valley Tournament in St Louis.  KU has a couple of games left and need only one win to win their 10th BIGXII conference title in a row outright.  It matters little what happens for the next week or so.  I'm not sure it matters what happens in the BIGXII tournament starting Mid March.  They both will get to play in the Post season tournament and winning there is the name of that game.  One win and go home.  Just remember that 64 teams will play down to 16 teams in one weekend.  It is pretty clear that a bunch of someone's will go home unhappy.  I love this time of year and the process is just as important as the outcome. 

Oh well, better get moving or my butt will become my body image right here in front of the screen.


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