Air Show

When I was a small child, my dad would go to an air show at least once a year.  His favorite airplane of them all was the Beech Stagger Wing.   I'll bet I have seen a hundred or so of them but none in a long time.  Yesterday Barb and I went to Junction City to an airshow and they had a Stagger Wing on the end of the bi-planes.  I really did enjoy seeing one again.  It was in pretty good shape and the owner was kind of taken back when I looked for him and thanked him for being there.  I explained that my father had worked for 40 years at Beech and his plane was one of my father's favorites. 
Looks like I was kind of staggering

Boeing By Plane built in 1936

When we were done at the airshow, Barb said she would like to go over to Manhattan and get some of that yummy ice cream they sell there.   She also likes to see their garden that has all types of native plants.  We decided to cut across fort Riley to get there and it wasn't until we got to the gate that Barbara remembered that her ID card is in her purse and it was at home.  I guess the threat level at the base is high enough that we must have been suspicious.  At least Barbara was.  We had to go back to the Interstate to go around the fort to get to Manhattan.  Guess what, the ice cream store was closed and it was mostly a wasted trip.   Oh well.

Have you done a good look at your insurance costs lately?   I am in the process of moving all my insurance from USAA and the agent pointed out several places where they are gouging people.  I carry a high deductible  because I don't turn in the small things  What I want to be covered for the big things like fire or a tornado.   I found out that they really hurt the small guy on hail coverage.  They have a 2% deductible on hail damage and you say what's the big deal on that?  It is 2% of the value of the house not the claim.  For a house worth over 250,000 that is a $5,000 cost.  I can stand that but how many of you could?  

Oh well, today is a bright sunny day out there and I for one plan on not spending the day doing nothing.  I also have some great steaks to grill this afternoon.  I can almost taste then from here.


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