Well, It has Started.

Yesterday I went to my local Insurance Agent and started the move from USAA to a new carrier.  I saved about a third on the cars and a couple of hundred on the house.  The funny thing is that USAA sent me a letter that explained their new roof policy and I read it when I got home.   They just don't get that when we pay for comprehensive insurance we expect everything to be covered.  I have always carried a thousand dollar deductible so I am not an insurance risk or a hog.  They have some new formula that tries to make it all better if I have put the right kind of roof on my house.  This is utter BS and I hope they eat shit and die.

Over my lifetime, I have had only one major loss and it was a duzzie.   In 1983, a tornado came by and blew my house down.  The insurance company wrote it off as a total wreck.  I thought they would just pay the contents as total but no, they wanted a book the size of war and peace on each item they were going to pay for.  Then they depreciated everything so it was a good thing that I really wasn't wiped out.  I now have replacement cost on the contents.

Barbara just went out and looked at the garden.  She is amazed that this year there are no squash bugs.  Normally she has to declare war and fight to get a few zucchini.  So far this year, nada.  I asked her if the hundreds of cicadas might be the cause for the lack of the bugs but she assures me they don't eat squash bugs.   You can sure tell the cicadas are here by the hundreds of the little buggers singing their buzzy song up in the trees.  I wore a yellow Wichita State T-Shirt the other day while mowing and they seemed attracted to me like bees to honey.  You can see that their life cycle is starting to end by the hundreds of dead cicadas on the sidewalk.  The News channel the other day said they would be gone by the end of the month.  I sure hope the holes in the yard fill in soon.  Even with the continuous rain there are at least two holes in every square foot of yard.  Yes, I know the yard doesn't have square feet, that is only a figure of speech. 

It is another rainy day here in the heartland.  Seems like it has been like the Monsoon season.   Barb says we need about an inch of water each week to really have good crops.  I figure we are right now sometime in September. 

Have you ever had a blank spot in your memory?  I was trying to describe the National Park just north east of St George, Utah and I have hit a hole in my memory cells.  Crap, Zion finally emerged from that blank place.   I love Zion Park and would love to go back.  I am pretty sure that Barb would not go out of the back side of Zion again.  The road through the mountain.  Yes, through the mountain not along side of it just freaked her out.    There just has to be a good way to double back and go north.  I am not sure that Bryce Canyon and the north rim of the Grand canyon are worth going back to.

The other day I saw a Winnebago in a driveway.  I told barb that I sure think we need one.  For the first time she said perhaps I need to rent one once to see what the real cost is.  She is convinced that we could stay in a lot of good hotels for what one costs.  She is right but I sure have the itch.  Oh well.  Perhaps when we go out to the sale in Idaho we could rent one in Boise and stay in it while in Filer.   If we go there then.

Better close this and get moving on down the road.


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