Getting an early Start

This morning I woke up early and performed my normal activities that included a trip out to fetch the paper.  It was a nice cool morning out there.  I have a lot of work planned on Dave's mower so I am glad it is not hot early.  Yesterday I picked up a new mower blade tower to replace the one I didn't replace last year.   I could tell the bearings were still there OK but they were dry.  I guess that after 9 years of pretty heavy duty mowing, it is probably a good thing to replace them. 

Yesterday I asked the guys in the Barbershop Chorus why if Bruce Jenner can call himself Caitlin, why a white woman with curly hair can't call herself black.  Is the NAACP against the full integration of people of all colors?    Do you have to be black to be an officer in the NAACP?  If so, isn't that against the law?  Oh well, that's several things I will never ascribe to be.  I don't fully understand women and have no desire to convert.    I am proud to be the race I am and have my own problems so I don't have any desire to change.  Finally, I have absolutely zero desire to be a lawyer or belong to the NAACP.  I also have no desire to join the Old retired Guy club.  I will just be what I am and be glad to be it.  

Our annual discussion about where to go for a vacation is being held.   I do have a desire to go somewhere but I have a worry about the effects of the travel.  The Doctor said that throwing blood clots for the second time in less than a year is a very bad thing.  I am on Xerelto but am not sure how good it is doing.  That's the thing about the progression of my health that I don't like.   How do I know that the blood clots in my lungs are going away?  How do I know that Xerelto is doing a good job keeping new clots from forming?  To quote Ronald Regan, "Trust but verify!"  

I really don't know where I want to go this year.  I am slowly working on getting my strength back and would hate to be the spoil sport that ruins a trip for Barb. 

There is a program on the Science Channel called "How is it Made."  It further adds to my education that keeps me a mile wide and an inch deep.  In my fantasy life, I have the ability to do about anything they do but I need more tools.  No, what I need is someone to collect and organize the tools I have now.  I am pretty sure that I have about all the hand tools somewhere out there.  I just watched them build a boat dock and it was really neat.  The problem is that I don't have a boat and Barb doesn't have any desire to own one.

Yesterday as I left Harbor Freight, there was a guy about my age with what looked like his granddaughter getting on his Harley.  I mentioned that I would love to have a Harley but the wife is way too concerned about my safety and has nixed the idea of a Harley.   he said perhaps I need to get a new wife.  I asked him if he was aware of the gold mine effect?  No, that's where she gets the gold and you get the shaft if you try to change wife's.  Would I have enough money to get a bike if I tried to exchange my lifestyle?   Besides, where would I go if I was the least favorite person n the family.  I am pretty sure that she would get custody of the family members.  Who doesn't love a teacher that has a great garden.

Last night, Barb tile me that our water bill was $70.00 this month.  The last time that happened the darned water spigot in the yard was leaking.  I am going to replace it with a different set up this time. I will rut n a spigot with a manual shut off down in a box.  The automatic kind has failed twice in a few years.  Not sure how I will make that work but I'll find a way. 

Better run, the sun's up and I am sufficiently caffeinated to operate machinery safely.


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