Great Start for a Friday

This morning Barb and I took the bikes over to the lake for a short ride.  I did a little over  8 miles in about 35 minutes.  For the recumbent, that's a nice little ride.  I really love the smoothness of my bike and the back support of the recumbent.  It takes a little longer to get used to the ride but it is an easy thing once you do. The big difference is you need to stay on top of what gear you are using.  You cannot stand up and pedal so if you stall out you fall down.  The good news is you don't have far to fall. 

Biking on the cement bike path.

I got the new part for the zero turn mower and it took me all of about 10 minutes to put it on.  Most of that time was spent taking off the tire so I could get to the part without standing on my head.  Thankfully the brake part on the other side was not broken so it was easy to see how it worked.  4 lug nuts and two 3/8ths bolts and it was all good to go.  I even took a little time to give the mower a much needed bath.  There was a lot of mud splashed from the lower field. 

Tomorrow we will have the kids and the Parks over for lunch.  I will grill some brats and burgers and there will be a side of red beans and rice if we can get the recipe to work out.  I hear Barb upstairs making a cake so I am sure that dessert is covered.   Some hamburger buns and a bag of ice and we'll have it all covered. 

I have a relative that co-signed on a credit card and it has her credit score all screwed up.  My rule is that we do not co-sign on anything that is not a real thing and it must be in our name.  If I am going to pay for it, I will bring it home.   We also have a rule that if we loan money to a relative we don't give more than we could really afford.  If the loan goes bad, no big deal.  In fact Barb has an account that she stores a few extra dollars in just for that purpose.   Life is way too short to hold a bad loan against someone.   With all that said, anyone that wants money from us has to convince Barb and she is no easy sell.

Oh well, cleaning to do so I'll close here and again say that if you think Guns can think, you are a cinch to believe in Global Warming.


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