Hate Crimes

As if the News commentators need to make it a bigger deal, they are saying the shooting of nine people in a church in South Carolina is a hate crime.  Damn straight, Skippy, I'll bet that dumb Som'bitch had nothing but bad things on his mind when he unloaded on those people at a prayer meeting.  In fact, Unless someone is just a sociopath, wouldn't you have to hate someone to take their life? 

Someone said blame it on the guns.  I cry BS on that!   My guns are in a safe and they don't know the combination.  In fact, I have to remember hard to remember where I hid the combination so I can get them out.  They have absolutely no free will.  If you ever read that MUD has shot and killed someone, you can write premeditated on the charges because it takes time and planning to get my guns ready.  I fully want to go on the record that unless I really hate someone or something, my guns will stay locked up.  Well, there might be from time to time I will take them out and shoot at paper targets and then clean them.  If I were to be asked right off the top of my head, I am not sure how many guns I have here at home and how many are on loan to the Museum of the Kansas National Guard.  I darned sure don't know how many bullets I have only that I do have most of the clips loaded for the 9mm.  The .22 and the shotgun is just unknown . 

On that vein, I have listened to people ask the question Why?  Over and over people say They don't understand why someone would murder someone.  I think that sober people with any sense of a conscience wouldn't kill someone.  It has to be a pretty damn big Significant Emotional Event to piss me off enough to get the guns out and go to a gun fight.  Those that murder just shouldn't be out on the street walking around.    I did hear one pretty significant comment one time. A The friend said that he doesn't understand suicide.  He does understand being so mad that might want to shoot the Som'bitch that mad him feel that way.  That I can understand.  Just random shooting of unarmed people is beyond my level of comprehension.

I am not mad at the President for saying guns are a problem.  How could a social activist and community planner in Chicago feel different.  In fact, there probably is a lot of support to go him to into the cities and have the community planners and social workers try to take the weapons away.  Might solve a couple of problems.  If only we could get the lawyers and Politicians in on that action.  They would probably just screw around and want the Military come save their hides.  That I would object to. 

This morning I went up to my son's house and finished mowing his three acres.  I rebuilt his Troy Built mower deck and it is just a mowing machine of the finest kind.   I did see that my rat trap was empty and the bait was gone.  I found that when I put the mower away I must have knocked the trap rod off and it didn't work.  I bought some peanut butter crackers and put one in the trap.  I also bought one of those rat feeding stations that promise big results.  It will take a little time to see if it works.  Yes, I too like peanut butter crackers.

Better run, things to do and places to go.


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