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It was an early preview of  summer this last week with 90 degree tempos and 105 Heat Index.  It cooled off over the weekend and it is darn near perfect out there today.  I will sing with the Barbershoppers on Sunday Morning but then we will take a little road trip. We both need to get out of town for a few days. 

We had a new driveway pad poured last week and it sure beats the heck out of the 3 inch difference between the driveway and the garage.  It was really strange to see that right up next to the doors, there was almost a 2 foot gap under the driveway.  The contractor put about 1/3 of the old driveway in the hole as fill.   It still took another dump truck load of gravel to fill the home.  We won't be able to drive on it until middle of next week.   We just park the cars out in the driveway and it is no big deal.

I am about fed up with the press doing their best to make the Supreme Court decisions about Obama.  They decided that the laws needed changed and said so or not.    In my opinion, no one won or lost.  Can you imagine what hell this Country would have to go through if nothing ever changed?    I ama conservative but mostly in the area od Money.  I will to the day I die feel that income must be equal to or greater than outgo.  What that means is that the real job of congress is to find ways t pay for the things they pass, not just pass everything and then figure out what they won't fund.  If a law has no money to pay for it, it should go away.  Period.  I think there is a lot of slack in the budget and we can have a lot of things but they will have to do double duty. 

Oh well, better get running.


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