Help, My Computer Doesn't Like Me

This morning my computer won't load all my Facebook posts and now this Blog site wouldn't let me make this post until I did several things to get inside the error codes.  Not sure what I will do, but I'll keep trying to work around the problems until I find a way to make it all work.  Perhaps it is about time to get a real life or find an alternate blog site.

When I finish posting each day, I look at the statistics on my blog.  My readership is way down and I am stuck somewhere over 850,000 hits.  I thought this would be the year I would go over a million but alas that probably won't happen unless I find some pithy subject to get behind, or in front of.

Here are a few recommendations I have heard people say about the current Kansas Legislature.
  • Never re-elect anyone that makes promises to anyone.  
  • The Governor should tell them that next year he won't pass a bill about anything until they send a budget to his desk.
  • Absolutely don't elect this bunch or anyone that is from any extreme side of either party.
  • Cut off the Per Diem at 90 days.  If they don't get their work done, make them pay their own way.  Heck Nebraska does it with one house and once each two years.  This is the State legislature not some fancy dancy job. 
We are currently in a session that has surpassed any previous session in the number of days they have been here.  It is amazing that no level of press coverage can get them off dead center.  The have the Governor who started this mess now whining about the problem. 

Oh well, I will sit down with my insurance person today to re-write my insurance on almost everything.  It is interesting that USAA tell everyone how they care for Servicemen and women and then treated me like some dumb rube.  I just wish that our Friend Joe Robles was still the President so I could give him an ear full.  Oh well, ain't going to Geico either.


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