Stiff and Sore

Yesterday I work up feeling kinda sore but not anything I couldn't live with.  Today is like yesterday didn't happen.  I hurt all over my body.  I am watching my vitals and other than the hurt I am OK.  I do need to get the big tractor out and do some mowing,  Might even make a run up to Dave's house.

After 30 years with USAA, I am going the independent Insurance route.  They have just dicked me around too much.  They talk about being the friend of the Servicemen, but they are worse than the average in dealing with claims.  The print a small part of their boiler plate that says there is a 2% deductible on roofs.   Just so you know that's 2% of the policy value not 2% of what it costs.  For me, if a hail storm hits the house, the first $2,700 is on me.   I could pay it, but not sure if a lot of people could.   "Bye Bye" USAA...

The Legislature here in Kansas is still in session and headed for 100 days.  The first thing they should do each year is settle on a budget.  Then they should go home on the 90th day.   I am going to look for a group that will help us furlough the legislature in the next election.   I will vote to send them all home, lock stock and cracker barrel.   Nebraska has only one house and they manage to pass a two year budget.  They also looked at making legal what Kansas won't do but still has the law on the books.  Capitol Punishment hasn't happened in 50 years but we still have a pretty full death row.  I think they either need to get on the stick and put in an express lane or stop that process altogether. 

For some reason, every morning that I go out to get the paper, I ask myself, "What do I want out of life."  Duh Dennis! I think I have arrived.  Perhaps there is a hidden  desire to have a maid and a handyman to do all the mowing, but I would probably die of rust if I didn't have something to do.  Every once in a while, I sit down and mentally count my money.  I know it is stupid but I do.  In a couple of short years, the government will start me down the path of withdrawing parts of my Tax Deferred money.  I think they should put a limit in it as the amount of Interest I draw.  I will promise you that it isn't the 1% I am getting on most of the funds.  I think it is closer to 4%.   I wouldn't feel so bad if I could just roll it into an IRA for Dave and his wife.  Heck, they will probably benefit from the money more than I will.

After discussing with my Doctor the Xerelto need, I will probably stay on it for another 6 months.  I really need to be able to take my Aleve for the Arthritis but for now I will be just slightly in pain.  According to the MRI, I have what is the normal amount of disk erosion and arthritic joint damage for my age.  I am not sure what that really is but I know how it feels. 

Better get running and see what mischief I can get into.



  1. There's a new drug out Zorvolex, which is a low dose nsaid. My dr. just prescribed it for my arthritis. I didn't see anything in the documentation about using it with blood thinners, so you might want to ask your dr. about it. The difference in my hands is amazing!

  2. My doctor said I would have to do without the Nsaid until I am through the course of 9 months with the Xerelto. It is not so bad that I can't live without it. I will have to put on my big girl panties and deal. Well, something like that...