How do People Do It?

I suffer a little (OK, a lot) from the disease that whatever crosses my mind often falls out of my mouth.   I often wonder what it would be like to be so introspective that I can shut up and listen more than I talk.  I guess it takes a lot of practice and I don't have that down yet.  Perhaps in the next 68 years, I can figure that out.

One thing we are going to do today is to replace our answering machine.  It seems to work when I call it from my cell but others say they left messages but there is no record.  Oh well, minor stuff.  Perhaps I can leave a better message on a new one.  I have lost the booklet that told me how to edit my message on the old machine.

I did have a fun time talking to the class members that I went to Minneha with.  Probably more so than the High School Group.  We did have a couple of them show up that didn't go to our High School as there were three choices. 

We were given a tour of East High and it was really kind of funny that the Principal took us all around the new stuff and most of that was is the Junior High building next door and a new addition between the two schools.  The old school looks a lot like it did when it was built.  It was way old when we went there and that was 50 years ago.  SHEESH!  there was some discussion on the different way they do things today.  There was also a discussion on the fact that they can't seat the entire student body in the new or the old auditorium.  The made the old auditorium smaller  and there has been a big decrease in the student body population.  They haven't solved the drop out rate since we were there either.  It is approaching 80%.  Can't figure out that one. 

From a sociological stand point, there was one statistic that stood out.  Back in our day, the choice was black white, native American or Spanish.  When they opened the category to mixed race the black population dropped about 7% and the new mixed category went to 7%.  Not sure what that means, but I did find it interesting. 

Security of the school was found to be very interesting.  Seems like there are only 3 security officers from the School District and one officer from the Police department.  He isn't assigned to the school only so he does patrol the local neighborhood.  During the day they have only one door open and that port of entry is manned.  The Principal said that back in the 70's they would confiscate four or five guns a year.  He said they have only had one in five years.  Wonder if it is poor screening or fewer guns.  Oh well, Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys.

Again I will shut off here.


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