Great Time of the Year

What a great time of the year to be a sports fan.  We have the Royals winning their third game of the World Series, The Shawnee Heights teams doing well and KU will open play on Thursday night in the Phog.  I will forget to mention that KU did play football over the weekend and that the Chiefs show up but aren't doing well either.  The important thing is that as a sports fan there is lots to see.

About half way through the Royals game last night, I just had to hit the mute button.  The crown noise was so bad that I had to push the volume up really loud to hear the announcers.  Having problems with my hearing after all the years of abuse with the guns, I have trouble making sense out of loud noises.  Fox has been pushing that a bit and I sure hope they tone it down a little tonight.   I'll bet my blood pressure was way up and having some quiet time was a blessing.

The Topeka paper has a new managing editor and he published his e-mail address as a part of his open door policy.   I again sent to the new guy how displeased I am with the lack of rowing news here in Topeka.   Every year we have a regatta and it brings hundreds of kids to Lake Shawnee with their money.  If you think it is no big deal you should try to get a table at a local restaurant the night they are here.   I will keep pushing that envelope for as long as I can.

This morning I went out to get the paper and it was nowhere to be found.  When I got back inside, I found it on the table right where Barb had left it.  I guess she woke up early, read the paper than went back to sleep on the couch.  Must have been all the excitement from the ball game last night. (Not)  When I mention the Royals she will say , "The Royal's Who?" 

We had just enough rain on Friday night to make the leaves in the yard too damp to pick up.  I have the new toy to pick them up and they are too wet.  Oh well, I'll bet sometime this week I'll be making mulch by the ton.  By next spring they should be ready to mulch the garden.  I have it covered with grass mulch and will pick up a load of manure sometime this week to really make things grow. I may not have a green thumb but I do listen to the Master Gardener's desires. 

Oh well, guess I 'd better get moving or again find my butt stuck here on the chair.


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